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Pipe Railing - Please note that new Wisconsin Building Codes now require 4" or less openings in these rails.  New photo's will be shown as soon as they are available.

Pewaukee Lake Residence
To provide both an unobstructed view of the lake as well as a contemporary look, a simple dark bronze pipe railing was used on the decks of this lake residence. The pipe is 1 1/4" nominal pipe size which has a 1 5/8" outside diameter.


Lake Geneva Residence
Pipe railings are one of the most popular contemporary railing designs today. They can give your home a high tech look and yet are an economical design solution.

Delevan Lake Home
Combined with the open rise steel stair, these railings give a open feel to the living space and the ultimate in a contemporary look. Another design approach is to vary the diameters of the top and intermediate rails to add contrast.

Badger Railing's Previous Office
Combined with a cantilevered balcony and parapet wall used to form a curb, this railing gives an open  feeling along with a high tech look. Bright red is then used as the contrasting accent color against the traditional gray and blue background.
The architect on this Pewaukee Lake home insisted that the railings be painted white. To prevent potential rusting problems, the pipe railing was hot dipped galvanized after fabrication, then brush blasted and finished with an epoxy primer before the white polyurethane pitthane enamel was applied.


Badger Railing also fabricates aluminum railings which are clear anodized after fabrication to withstand corrosion. Brushed stainless railings are available as well.



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