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  1. What are Badger Railing's office hours ?
  2. Where is Badger Railing located ?
  3. How can I get an estimate ?
  4. How do I place an order ?
  5. How long does it take after the order is placed ?
  6. Can you help design an ornamental project for me?
  7. Does wrought iron rust?
  8. Can I install myself?

What are Badger Railing's office hours ?

Badger Railing's offices are open from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  You might want to call ahead to make sure an estimator is available.

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Where is Badger Railing located ?

Badger Railing moved in June of 2007 to a new, larger facility.  We are still located in the Menomonee Valley but now we are directly east of the general parking lot at Miller Park. Our address is 3880 W. Milwaukee Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208.  Since the road is so new, it doesn't show up yet on most of the mapping services on the internet.  Head for the stadium and follow the signs for general parking, you can't miss us.

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How can I get an estimate ?

Call our office (414-672-6090), fax us (414-672-8700) or email us at

We can provide an estimate with some basic information from you. What we need to know is:

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How do I place an order ?

Once we've given you an idea of the cost from the information you provide, and you are ready to place an order, we will come to the jobsite to field measure for exact dimensions and we will send you a written proposal, confirming the price. Simply sign the proposal and return it to Badger Railing along with a check for the required deposit.  The order will be entered, and we will make and send a shop drawing for your approval before the job is fabricated.

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How long does it take after the order is placed ?

That depends on several things... how complex the job is, the orders that are ahead of you  and the time of year.  Most people fall down their stairs in the winter but wait until spring to order a railing.  Better to have the railing installed in the winter... which is also our slowest time.  Still the whole process of estimating, measuring, preparing shop drawings, fabricating, painting and installing generally takes at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the construction cycle begins in the spring, our lead times expand rapidly, and it can easily take 8 to 12 weeks for even a simple railing to go through our shop.

Fence and gate projects are also subject to the weather.  Typically the ground in Wisconsin freezes at Thanksgiving and does not thaw out until the first of April.  Those dates vary widely from year to year.  However, September 1st is usually the latest that a fence project can be started and be reasonably certain that it can be installed before the ground freezes.

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Can you help design an ornamental project for me?

Yes and no! This is sort of like going to the car dealership and asking them to design a car from a bucket of bolts.... the possibilities are infinite and expensive. So we need you to give us a place to start. What are the dimensions of the project?  Is there a photo on our website that caught your attention?  Do you have a photo or sketch of a design which interests you?

Next, we would like to invite you to talk with one of our estimators. We have been building ornamental iron for over 50 years and can give you our design experience.  Also we can provide advice to help make the project practical and cost effective.

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What do you recommend to prevent rust?

Ornamental iron will rust if it is exposed to moisture and does not have a protective coating. But there are some things that we can do to prevent it. First, we should explain that the term "wrought iron" is a generic term. Actually, wrought iron is no longer produced and steel has taken it's place. Decorative castings are however still made of cast iron. But both steel and cast iron will rust.

At Badger Railing, we go to great lengths to make our finished products look attractive and endure the harsh Wisconsin environment. First, we sandblast most hot rolled steel materials to remove the mill scale... a major culprit in the rusting process.  Railings are built with 1" solid steel posts instead of tubing which substantially increases the life of the railing.  

Picket style railings and fences are primed with an epoxy primer, then we finish paint your order with a urethane enamel finish. We highly recommend this finish as a long term protection of exterior installations. Urethane enamels offer excellent resistance to ultra violet light and salt sprays.... two major factors in the degradation of paint finishes. 

Other options that can be added are 

Paint color selection is a major factor in the life of the paint finish. Dark colors such as black or dark bronze hold up best over the years. White and beige do not hold up as well, and we try to discourage their use. Custom colors are available for an additional charge if a color chip is provided.

Interior railings are generally furnished as shop primed only. The finish coat is then done by others to insure that all installation nicks and scratches are evenly painted. The result is a smooth finish without any touch up marks.

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Can I install myself?


If you would like to install yourself, please note that you will be responsible for:

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